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  4" thick Alumina ceramic block. (1 image)
  1/8 G10 lapping carrier. (1 image)
  1/16 G10 lapping carrier. (1 image)
  Various gaskets. (1 image)
  Small spacers cut from G10 fiberglass. (1 image)
  Various materials that can be cut. (1 image)
  Blast resistant fiberglass bonded to armor plating (1 image)
  Alumina ceramic plate, 0.25" thick. (1 image)
  18" x 9" x 3/16" Polycarbonate. (1 image)
  1/4" birch plywood used for making fiberglass mold for boat manufacturing. (1 image)

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Flooring | Stone | Metal | Glass | Miscellaneous

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