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  1/2" Thick Fused Quartz.
  1/8" Thick Fused Quartz.
  mirror cut into shapes for the Ted Baker Store in NY City shown packed in custom cut foam for shipment.
  24" x 18" x 1/4" Supergray Glass.
  10" x 6" x 1/4" Laminated Glass.
  3" x 3" x 1/2" Glass.
  1/4" glass cut with approximately 170 holes.
  1/8" stained glass bull.
  1/4" stained glass bike.
  Various glass parts.
  32" x 6" x 1/4" Azurlite Glass.
  44" diameter x 0.75"' thick float glass.

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Flooring | Stone | Metal | Glass | Miscellaneous

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